Winter Revel brought to you by the Canton of Three Walls at Bertha Brock Park since 1985

January 19th - 20th 2018


Winter Revel is bringing you the Grand Tournament of Hats this year. Furry hats are preferred but not required.

Doors will open at 5pm Friday and 9am Saturday to begin socializing, games, and general merriment.

Due to a lack of daycamp space, there will be a snack and refreshment table for all to contribute to.

Early afternoon Saturday starts the entertainment with live music, singing and dancing. The hot cocoa and cordial competitions will also happen in the afternoon.

Feast will be served as a Sideboard. Sideboard will be kept stocked between 5:00pm and 8:00pm Saturday so that you may eat as you wish. Court will be held during feast.

Announcement of prize winners will be during court for games, cocoa, cordial, and hat competitions.


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