Welcome to the Canton of Three Walls!

If you are new to the SCA allow me to congratulate you on joining our group. Please check out our Newcomers Pages (see links below)  when you have a moment for some useful suggestions.

We are a fully legal non-profit educational organization, and we dedicate ourselves to learning and teaching others and ourselves about as many aspects of life in the Middle Ages as we can. We provide demonstrations for various groups, including schools and scouting organizations. We share the fun of doing the crafts and experiencing the same things that those people did all those hundreds of years ago!

Members assemble on weekends at “events” with many activities to keep people occupied. Along with the tournaments, merchants provide unique wares including hand made jewelry and other items, entertainers provide pleasant interludes, and friends gather to chat, eat feast, and revel with dancing, much as our ancestors did at real tournaments.

The SCA has so many things to offer and the Canton will endeavor to help you in whatever area you wish to pursue. Just some of these offerings are: heavy combat fighting, rapier fighting, sewing, calligraphy and illumination, music, dance, blacksmithing, woodworking, armoring, cooking, needlework, archery, equestrian activities, and much, much more.

So come play with us in the Middle Ages!

If you are an established SCA member that has just moved to our Canton – Welcome! We have weekly fighter practices, a monthly business meeting, a monthly Three Walls Academy where one of our members will teach a subject. We have other unscheduled activities as time and schedules allow – armoring sessions, sewing circles, or sometimes we just get together because we enjoy each others company!

New or old – Welcome to Three Walls! We hope you will find your stay with us enjoyable!

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